A letter to my abuser

CW: Childhood Abuse

One of the hardest things I’ve ever written.
My therapist has encouraged me to heal by writing a letter to my abusers. Its something I’ve avoided for years, because to write is to acknowledge and to acknowledge is to remember. I didn’t want to remember. As I’ve grown (in years and experience) I’ve come to realize that the importance of looking painful experiences in the face and truly, truly allowing oneself to let them go.

I share this with you now in a moment of mourning and of celebration: mourning the child I was and their broken heart, celebrating my resilience and celebrating all of you who also hurt. 
We can do this.

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Affirmation: What Other People Think About Me Is None of My Business

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This week’s affirmation: Forgiveness

Hey Friends!

This week’s affirmation is “Forgiveness starts with me.” Are you holding onto something from the past, something that no longer serves you? It’s alright to be angry and taking time to process that anger is valid but it is also important to keep in mind that there are things and experiences that we hold onto, that become toxic to our spirit. This week, I challenge you to find out what you’re holding onto and how to let it go.


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