Staying busy!

We have just thrown our first Queer Babe Mixer and it was a resounding success! So many people came out to meet new folx, play games and have a good time and I could not be happier. We will definitely have to do this again! For now, we’re looking forward to the Queer Prom and many more events in Concord, NH.

So many things!!

It’s been some time since I checked in but I’m feeling very lucky to have a ton of interesting opportunities for advocacy coming down the pike. I will be co-facilitating two workshops in addition to being a featured panelist at the upcoming GLSEN NH Homecoming Youth Summit this weekend; I am teaching two Youth Mental Health First Aid Courses in the coming months; I am facilitating a clinical support group for LGBTQ+ youth at my office and I am co-facilitating a new PFLAG support group in Manchester, NH.

This year I have also spoken at Pride, met with local government officials and have seen my monthly event- the Queer Babe Brunch- really take off. This month, I was featured by one of my favorite podcasts, Beyond Queer Stories! It’s been an amazing ride and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

A letter to my abuser

CW: Childhood Abuse

One of the hardest things I’ve ever written.
My therapist has encouraged me to heal by writing a letter to my abusers. Its something I’ve avoided for years, because to write is to acknowledge and to acknowledge is to remember. I didn’t want to remember. As I’ve grown (in years and experience) I’ve come to realize that the importance of looking painful experiences in the face and truly, truly allowing oneself to let them go.

I share this with you now in a moment of mourning and of celebration: mourning the child I was and their broken heart, celebrating my resilience and celebrating all of you who also hurt. 
We can do this.

Oh, hi.

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